Friday, August 12, 2016

What Should I Name My Pet Rabbit?

   The process of choosing the right name has haunted people for a long time. Soon to be parents may spend days, weeks or even months trying to choose the right name for their baby that has not yet arrived. For pet parents, it may be slightly easier because they often have the benefit of at least seeing and interacting with their new pet rabbit, before actually choosing a bunny name.
   When deciding on a name for your pet rabbit, consider your new bunny's colors, ears, feet, eyes and any other attribute such as one ear flopping over. Also take into account her behavior. Does she love to eat, get patted, jump around or rub on you? All of these characteristics that help make your pet rabbit unique can all be taken into account when naming your new best bunny friend! Think personality!
   Lastly, remember that a name that is easier for your bunny to learn, along with any younger members of your household, may be  a good choice too. 
   Now comes the fun part - below is a partial list of pet rabbit names to get you started from

"Abra & Cadabra, Acorn, Alpine, 
Amaretto, Amelia, Anoop, Applejack, 
Apples, Aquabelle, Arby, Artic, Attila, 
Auburn, B-bop, Baby belle, Babycakes, 
Baja, Barkley, Barlow, Barnacle
Barnum, Bazaar, Beaker, Bean, Beebee, 
Beechnut, Beevis, Beezie, Beezle, 
Berry-boo, Bessy Sue, Bettina, Betulla, 
Bewick, Bib, Bibi, Bilbo, Bingle, Binkyboy, 
Blackberry, Blottie, Blu, Bluto" etc.

   The entire name list is available at Bunny Names

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