Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Train Your Pet Rabbit to Come to You

   Pet rabbits benefit greatly from both the time outside their rabbit hutch or rabbit home for exercise, as well as the social time your pet bunny gets to interact with you and your family. It is usually a good idea to spend some of this time training your pet rabbit, and having her come to you when you call her name can be a helpful thing for her to learn! 
   Like training any other pet, it is important to be consistant when you train your pet rabbit, give her plenty of time to learn and reward her for being successful! Once she learns how to come to you when you call, impress your family and friends and have your bunny hop back to her cage when you call her. That one is always a crowd pleaser!
   The Pets on Mom.me website details the following steps to help train your pet rabbit to come to you:

   "Getting Down to Her Level
Avoid training your rabbit outdoors, where it's easy for her to run away. Instead, train her in a secure area of your home to prevent escape, such as inside the garage, basement or other secure room. After you've brought her cage into the chosen confined space, allow her to come out. To appear less threatening and help gain her trust, lower yourself to your rabbit's level. The ideal way to interact with your pet rabbit is on the ground, according to Indiana House Rabbit Society. Rabbit training requires patience and takes time.
   Bribing the Bunny
If you know your rabbits favorite treat, hold it in your hand and call her name. When giving commands, always issue the "come" command before your rabbit's name. For example, you might hold out the treat and say, "Come Fluffy." Keep your tone friendly and upbeat, rather than sternly ordering her to come to you. When you initially begin training, you might need to wave your hand in front of your rabbit to gain her attention. When she finally comes to you, praise her and allow her to eat the treat. With repeated practice, your bunny will equate hearing her name with receiving a tasty snack if she comes to you.
   Leaving the Rewards Behind
After your bunny learns to come to you in short distances, began training her at longer distances. If you have a fenced-in area of your backyard, release her from the cage and issue the "come" command from across the yard. Or, issue the command from a different room of your home. Once she begins consistently coming to you when called, begin weaning her off the treats so she learns to obey the command without always receiving a reward.
   Hopping for the Best
For the best results, always call your rabbit by her name rather than alternating with nicknames. You should use the same command each time, so she learns "come" means that she's expected to come to you. To protect your rabbit's health, only give her healthy treats, such as small pieces of fruit or vegetables. Avoid processed treats from pet stores that are typically high in sugar and artificial ingredients. Be patient -- some rabbits train faster than others."

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