Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How To Rabbit Proof Your Home

   Having a pet rabbit can be a wonderful experience for you, your family and your bunny. When you bring a pet rabbit into your home, it is important to make sure that as many potential hazards are removed, just like you would with a new dog, cat or baby. Buunies chew, bunnies hop and bunnies like to play - all these make for a fun personality but can also get them into trouble. By simply taking the time to identify and address any potential dangers in your home, your pet rabbit will live safer and your family will reduce their stress levels!
   One of the biggest dangers in your home are electric cords. the House Rabbit Society offers some great advice on rabbit-proofing:

   "Why is rabbit proofing your home so important?
Preventing rabbits from chewing on electrical cords is of utmost importance, since rabbits can be badly burned or electrocuted. The consequences of biting into an electric wire are too severe to risk relying on training alone. Instead, you must take action to move the cords safely out of reach. Some ways of doing this follow.
   So how do I keep electrical cords out of reach?
Spiral cable wrap Radio Shack sells something called “spiral cable wrap”. It costs about $3 for 10 feet and works like a charm for most, but not every bunny. (Some still manage to chew through it.)
This stuff is very flexible so the cords are still manageable after wrapping. It works well with cords that you might have in the middle of the room or might move quite often, such as vacuum cleaner, phone, video game, extension, lamp and other cords. I keep my portable computer cord wrapped this way, and it’s not too bulky.
   Plastic tubing (similar to that used in fish tanks, or with “swamp coolers”) from a hardware or aquarium store can be slit lengthwise with a blade and the wire can be tucked safely inside. A harder, black, pre-slit type of tubing is also available.
   Decorative gold and wood-grained wire-concealers that stick to the base of walls come in strips, corners, etc., so they can follow the shape of the wall. This is a more costly and time consuming method than the clear plastic tubing above, but is more permanent, and rabbit proof, as well.
Of course, Wires can be run behind or above furniture and carpets, but do NOT run your wires under carpets, as this can create a serious fire risk.

   How do I keep my rabbit from eating house plants?
Many house plants are toxic. Putting them on high furniture may not keep a rabbit away. Hang them from the ceiling if you have an active bunny, but watch for falling leaves! If you are unsure which plants may be toxic, the House Rabbit Handbook has a complete list of poisonous plants (indoors and outdoors), as do two back issues of House Rabbit Journal."

    Learn about the additional risks at home for your bunny and how to handle them at What Does Rabbit Proofing Involve?

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