Monday, August 8, 2016

Common Grooming Tools for Pet Rabbits

   Grooming your pet rabbit on a weekly basis ( more often for some breeds and some times of the year) is not only a great way to bond with your pet bunny, but is also a very good thing to do to keep your pet healthy. It is very important to remove excess hair to prevent hairballs, which can be very bad for your pet rabbit. Gentle brushing and handling on a daily basis is not only enjoyable for your bunny, but it can help her get used to the entire grooming process. 
   So now that you know that grooming your pet rabbit on a regular basis is good to do, the next thing to determine is how to do it and what you need to purchase. Below is a list of Common Grooming Tools for Pet Rabbits that is on website, 

   "How often to brush a rabbit: Rabbits need to be brushed at least every three days. In addition to removing any loose hair, these brushing sessions help prepare them for the multiple daily brushings that they need when heavy sheds begin. (These heavy shed cycles may occur about three times per year or more). Rabbits will shed in different ways. Some rabbits will take a couple of weeks or more to loose their old coat of fur. Other rabbits will be ready to get rid of their old coats just a few days. Quick shedding rabbits require immediate grooming to prevent illness.

Common tools used to groom a rabbit:
  • Slicker brush or another type of brush designed to groom the specific fur type of your rabbit
  • Fur splitter. Wide toothed comb for removing mats in fur
  • Scissors for cutting out mats. (Use only after instruction on how to use scissors on rabbit)
  • Mini shaver for certain breeds. We recommend the mini Arco by Wahl
  • Nail clipping scissors, clippers and a small flashlight for back light
  • Kwick Stop or other styptic powder to stop bleeding from nails
  • Flea comb
  • Disinfectant solution for cuts or injury to skin. Chlorhexaderm or Betadine solutions are good options to have on hand. (available at pharmacies)
  • Mineral oil for cleaning sensitive scent gland areas on the rabbit
  • Eye wash for cleaning the eye area
  • Cotton balls (for cleaning)
  • Q-tips for outer ear cleaning and scent gland cleaning?
    The entire article is available here Rabbit Grooming Basics

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