Sunday, August 14, 2016

How Do You Lift a Pet Rabbit?

   Part of the enjoyment that most pet parents get from their pets is the joy of sharing "me time". This often involves patting, grooming and holding, especially with a pet rabbit. Pet rabbits are actually very fragile and to avoid injury to both bunny and bunny-picker-upper, it is important to learn the correct way to lift up your pet rabbit. The same is true for both holding and carrying your bunny. Think of these steps as a training process as well, which should help your pet rabbit to understand that everything is ok and there is no danger when you pick her up. Lastly, please realize that it generally is never a good idea for a small child to try to lift, hold or carry a bunny. It is better to have your child sit on the floor and possibly let the bunny sit on the child's lap or next to him or her, supervised, to enjoy some playful bonding time.
    Here are some tips on how to lift a pet rabbit from the House Rabbit Society:

   "Now that bunny is out, it's time to lift him. The following are directions (for right- handed people) if you are uncertain, or having trouble lifting your medium-to-large-sized rabbit.

   Start with the rabbit on the floor, say, in the bathroom. Approach him slowly and pet him, leaving your hand on his head to discourage escape. Rabbits feel uneasy, and are most likely to struggle, when they are suspended in the air. So be prepared before you lift. Visualize how you want to hold the rabbit once you have lifted him. For example: the rabbit right side up, nose pointed to the left, left side along your midriff, supported by your right arm. Next, slide the rabbit around while he is still on the ground, until he matches this position, i.e. sideways and pointed left. Is he thinking of leaving? Keep your hand on his head, or gently grasp his shoulders. Do not lift by the scruff. If he runs, don't grab him. Follow him, using babytalk to lighten the moment. Wait until he stops, and start again.

   Kneel, and keeping your left hand on his head, bend your torso close to him. Place your right arm along his right side, and put your right hand under his chest. If he accepts this, take your left hand from his head and use it to support his groin. Otherwise, lift using your hand to support the chest, and your arm to support the side and hindquarters. Scoop him to you and hold him firmly there. The key to this method is to position the rabbit within a few inches of you. That way you will shorten the suspended-in-air stage."

    The full article is available here, which includes photos An Uplifting Experience

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