Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Should I Know About My Pet Rabbit's Teeth?

   Your pet rabbit's teeth are directly related to your rabbit's health. Her teeth continue to grow all the time, and a good bunny pet parent should keep an eye on her teeth, and take steps to help them wear down naturally. It helps to have a bit of insight about a rabbit's teeth, as well as the steps that you can take to make sure your pet rabbit stays healthy!
   Did you know that providing clean grassy hay is one thing that you can do to help your bunny's teeth? See what else you should know about your pet rabbit's teeth from the PetCareTips.net site:

"If you have pet rabbits, you probably know that a good
rabbit keeper must always be concerned with their teeth
because the condition of their teeth so much affects their

Here are some basic facts about rabbit teeth.

* Adult rabbits have twenty-eight teeth. There are two pairs
of incisors in the top front of their mouths, with the
second pair being much smaller and behind the large front
teeth. There is also a pair of incisors at the front of the
lower jaw. 

* Rabbits don't have canine teeth, but they do have
premolars and molars, called "cheek teeth". (Useful note:
There is a good-sized space between the incisors and the
cheek teeth that helps when you need to give the rabbit food
or medicine by syringe.)

* Unlike our own teeth, rabbit teeth have no enamel and wear
down quickly. The teeth of rabbits are also "open-rooted,"
meaning that they never stop growing throughout the rabbit's
life. Happily, the nerves in rabbit teeth stop just below
the gum line, so the constant wearing doesn't cause the
rabbit any pain.

* Rabbits have a strong instinct to gnaw, and domestic
rabbits should always be supplied with plenty of clean grass
hay as well as nontoxic wood branches or toys for gnawing,
in order to prevent overgrowth of the incisors."

   The entire article is available at Everything You Should Know About Pet Rabbit's Teeth

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