Friday, August 5, 2016

How To Trim a Rabbit's Nails

   It is important to make sure that you trim your Pet Rabbit's nails on a regular basis. The best advice is to simply keep an eye on how quickly they grow and to trim your pet bunny's nails when they start to look a bit longer than they should. Rabbit nail trimmers are available online and at most pet stores, and with a little practice, you will be trimming your pet rabbit's nails  like an expert! 
   A word of caution  - do not cut them too short, or into the rabbit's blood line in the nail. That is called the "Quick" or "Quick Line". You must only trim  the area below that, away from your rabbits foot. Most of all, read this informative article and learn how to trim a rabbit's nails before you try the first time!
    Lastly, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, most Vet's can trim your bunny's nails and only charge a minimal fee. It is a great alternative!

   The Rabbit Haven provides the following advice on how to trim a rabbit's nails:

   "How to trim bunny nails: Place the bunny in a comfortable position where you can easily reach their feet. We tend to do nail trims with the rabbit laying on our laps with feet up towards us, or having the rabbit in a standing potion on a table where the rabbit is comfortable and we can pick up one foot at a time to trim the nails. A third choice is to use a cuddle approach/hold, where the rabbit is cradled ion one arm as we trim the nails. Some people also use a towel to wrap their rabbit to keep bunny secure. Then they bring out one foot at a time to trim.
   If the rabbit has light colored nails their nails will be easier to trim as you can see where the blood supply or Quick starts and can trim below that line. Dark colored nails are harder to see through and therefore, you may want to use a back light (flashlight) which will allow you to see the nail quick. Some people use a touch spring back approach and I do not recommend that. It does work for very experienced people."
   To read the entire article by The Rabbit Haven, click here: Rabbit Grooming Basics

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