Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Is Your Bunny Litter Trained - Part 2

Rabbit Litter Training Guide - Part 2 (continued from yesterday)

5 - Make sure that you clean the rabbit litter pan each day to reduce odors and keep your rabbit hutch or rabbit cage clean and fresh! Rabbits are clean animals by nature and prefer to keep their homes clean.

6 - Purchase a Rabbit Litter Scoop, made to go in corners. Most cat litter scoops are too wide and will not allow you to scoop a corner litter pan.

7 - Always secure the corner litter pan to the rabbit hutch or rabbit cage as bunnies do like to grab these and move them around! Some corner litter pans come with clips for this purpose. If not, any clip that is larger enough to secure your litter pan should work, as long as their are no sharp edges that could potentially hurt you or your bunny.

8 - Avoid stressful times, such as holidays, to try and train your pet rabbit. Wait for a quieter time for the best success!