Thursday, July 21, 2016

How To Choose a Rabbit Hutch - Other Considerations

   In addition to providing the right amount of room for a happy bunny, your rabbit hutch or rabbit home has several other main points to consider:

  • How easy is it to clean? Is there a pull out dropping pan that is easy to access? 
  • For a rabbit home, can you empty out bedding or litter and wipe the bottom clean easily?
  • Will it easily hold the bunny basics, such as a water bottle, feeder and maybe a litter box?
  • Is there room for some rabbit toys, and area for hoping around and playing?
   When it comes to playing, and to keep your rabbit from getting bored, make sure you give your bunny chew toys and chew treats. Some experts suggest giving your bunny a cardboard box or even an old phone book to chew on! Bunnies love to dig to, so putting a low sided cardboard box in your rabbit hutch or rabbit home filled with shredded paper or clean soil can help satisfy your bun'z urge to dig. Just fill it about half way so your happy bunny doesn't make too much of a mess!
   Rabbit safe toys are available, and if you don't have easy access, some toys that are safe for babies might be ok to use too. Use good common sense here!