Monday, July 25, 2016

How To Choose a Rabbit Hutch - How Many Rabbits?

   When it comes to buying a Rabbit Hutch, how many rabbits is too many? The first rule is to avoid housing more than one rabbit in the same hutch or cage unless each has been spayed or neutered. It can be difficult to introduce a new bunny, and that process should always be monitored and attempted in areas that are neutral grounds for both, not in close quarters like inside a hutch!
   It is generally a better idea to get a second rabbit hutch or rabbit cage and let the bunnies socialize during their play time, and during time that they are not inside their hutch or home. This way, they can begin to get used to each other on common ground.
   Remember, a rabbit's home is her special place to feel safe and secure. Why not make it as enjoyable as you can!