Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Is Your Bunny Litter Trained? - Part 1

   Rabbit Litter Training Guide - Part 1

   Many pet rabbits are able to learn to become litter pan trainined, similar to a cat. It is actually easier than you might expect. Try the following steps to start your pet rabbit off on a cleaner cage career!

  1. Choose a rabbit litter pan that will fit through the door of your rabbit hutch or rabbit home! This will make cleaning it much easier. Most rabbit litter pans are made to fit in the corner of the hutch.
  2. Start by observing your bunny's behavior for a few days. Once she picks her favorite corner to "take care of business" 
  3. That should be the corner that you would begin to place the corner litter pan to begin your pet rabbit's litter training. 
  4. Line the inside of the corner litter pan with newspaper if possible to help absorb moisture and fill the pan with wood pulp rabbit bedding, aspen style pine shavings or other commercially available rabbit litter. No not use red cedar bedding or cat litter!
Part 2 - Tomorrow!