Friday, July 22, 2016

How To Choose a Rabbit Hutch - Think Floor!

   If you plan to purchase a rabbit hutch or rabbit cage with a wire floor, which is quite common, then consider adding a solid area for your bunny to stand, walk and rest. Small sisal mats are sold that are made for this purpose, but you could also use a piece of wood (no sharp edges or splinters!) or better yet, a piece of cardboard that can be easily changed if it gets dirty. Adding a synthetic sheepskin pet bed or a bunny bed will add to your pet's comfort. These give your pet rabbit's feet a rest but are still washable for easy cleanup.
   The wire floors are used above a dropping pan, or pull out tray that makes cleanup easier. You may want to put rabbit friendly bedding in the tray to help absorb moisture and reduce odors. This may be especially when keeping your rabbit hutch or rabbit home indoors. The best rabbit bedding, or rabbit litter as some call it, is material timportant hat is labeled for use with small animals. Packaged straw, Aspen Style (shredded) wood shavings or bedding made from wood pulp or recycled paper are the best choices for your bunny. Newer research indicates that you should not use Red Cedar Bedding, traditional pine shavings (such as used in horse stalls) or cat litter, due to health concerns!