Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Should I Name My Bunny?

   Whether you are a first time rabbit pet parent, or you have had pet bunnies before, it can be difficult to choose a good name for your pet rabbit. Often times their outward appearance could suggest a name, or their personality, but even then, it can still be difficult to choose. Having a name list to work with can certainly help with this task, and simply look over the choices to see if any would be perfect for your loving Bunz!

   Rabbit Breeds .org offers the following suggestions: 

   "Thumper, Oreo, Daisy, Bunny, Bella, Lily, Charlie, Lola, 
Molly, Oliver, Jack, Peanut, Coco, Nibbles, Hazel, Sophie, 
Ruby, Flopsy, Peter, Harley, Lulu, Shadow,Baby, Dusty, 
Midnight, Rocky, Benjamin, Smudge, Muffin, Patches, 
Hershey, Snickers, Lilly, Maggie, Mocha, Scooter, Bonnie, 
Cadbury, Cinnamon, Marley, Milo, Oscar, Panda, Alice, AngelBandit, Bugs"

To see the full list of 401 names,see: Most Popular Rabbit Names

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