Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Keep Your Pet Rabbit Healthy

   Now that you have opened your home to a wonderful pet rabbit, you will want to keep her healthy and happy. There are a number of things to consider in providing for your buuny's lifestyle, but many people may not realize that by providing the right environment, they can actually help to keep their pet rabbit healthier, happier and overall a better pet. This consists mostly of providing the right living quarters along with the correct diet, and by keeping your pet rabbit interested and engaged to avoid boredom. When you put it all together, everyone, including your bunny, will benefit!
   Pets 4 Homes offers the following:

  "Rabbits are a popular pet for people of all ages, and their popularity has increased over recent years as the modern phenomenon of keeping rabbits indoors as house pets has become more widespread. Whether you keep your pet rabbit indoors or outdoors, rabbits are sensitive animals that require a significant amount of thought and care spent on their welfare and daily management. If you already keep rabbits or are just researching whether or not they might make a good pet for you and your family, read on to learn about the ten most important elements of keeping pet rabbits happy, healthy and safe.

1. Provide enough room
Small, cramped hutches and living conditions are not suitable for keeping rabbits, and it is important to make sure that your rabbit has enough room in their hutch to stand upright, stretch out, turn around and move about freely. A hutch of six feet long by two feet wide and deep is the bare minimum size required to keep two rabbits happily, so make sure you have enough room in the garden or yard before planning your purchase! Rabbits also need to be able to run and hop about on a daily basis, either inside of the house or in a specially constructed rabbit run."

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