Sunday, September 18, 2016

Is a Rabbit a Good Pet?

   There is no doubt that sharing your home with an animal that becomes part of your family is a very nice, and kind, thing to do. Pet parents enjoy many perks which range from health benefits to companionship, and many more. Adopting a pet from a shelter, or one that is in need of a home,  are the best ways to find the right pet for your family. Many people look to dogs and cats to adopt, which is wonderful, but please also consider having a pet bunny as well! Rabbits do make great pets!

   Pet Finder takes a coser look:

  "According to current data from the American Pet Products Manufacturers’ Association (APPMA), rabbit ownership has increased dramatically over the past decade. From 1992 to 2000, the percentage of “small animal households” owning rabbits jumped from 24 percent to 40 percent. There are now approximately 5.3 million companion rabbits owned by 2.2 million households in America. And while rabbits unfortunately continue to be bought as pets for children, the number of adults-only households owning rabbits among all households that own rabbits increased from 26 percent in 1996 to 39 percent in 2000.

What accounts for this increasing popularity? The single most significant factor is probably widespread access to the Internet, which makes information about rabbits more available to more people than ever before. The word is out on rabbits as house pets, and numerous rabbit-focused organizations maintain websites that attract potential owners and offer profiles of adoptable rabbits. The Internet also makes it easy for new owners to get the information and support they need to care for rabbits as house pets.

The House Rabbit
Although the rabbit’s earliest relationship with humans was as a fur-and-food commodity, people were already keeping rabbits as pets by the 18th century. British poet William Cowper kept hares in his home to help combat his severe depression, and he wrote eloquently of his love and appreciation for these creatures as companion animals."

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