Sunday, September 11, 2016

Do I Need a Rabbit Run?

   Rabbits benefit from exercise both mentally and physically. You must make sure that your pet rabbit has some free time out of her cage so she can run and jump and be a rabbit! It is important to make sure that your bunny is safe from harm or injury during this time, whether it be inside or outside. There are a number of different rabbit runs that you can purchase or build, but it is important that they are designed well to provide happy and protected play time!
   The Rabbit House provides the following:

   "The minimum recommended rabbit run size is 8' x 4', this is a minimum though and your rabbit will certainly appreciate being provided a larger area. The rabbit run should be tall enough for your rabbit to stand upright on its back legs, see size guide.

  Ideally your rabbit should have permanent access to the run by joining it to/combining it with their living quarters but when this is not possible a minimum of 4-6 hours per day is recommended.
Rabbit are expert diggers, so rabbit runs should be stood on something to prevent rabbits digging out, such as paving slabs or mesh buried into the grass under the run.

   Outdoor rabbit runs should always have a roof. A rabbit will jump and climb 3-4' - even higher if there is something to jump from like a box. A roof is not only to stop your rabbit escaping but also prevent predators getting in. A cat or fox (foxes are active even in urban areas) can easily clear 6'. Make sure the roof is firmly secured and cannot be blown off by strong winds.

   The wire on the run is your rabbit's protection so it is important that you use strong mesh, like weld mesh, and it is attached firmly to the frame. The mesh should be small enough to prevent your rabbit putting its head through and predators putting their paws through.

   If the run is large or not attached to your rabbits sleeping accommodation then provide a box as shelter and a secure place to retreat to if your rabbit is frightened."

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